“It’s Time” is the first urban radio ad in a series from the Service Employees International Union’s (SEIU) effort to organize for commonsense immigration reform with a roadmap to citizenship. The 60-second ad aimed at African-Americans is airing on urban radio stations across the country.

“President Obama is right. We need to fix our broken immigration system so that we all win. It’s time to expand opportunity for all, put more people on the payrolls, and make all of our communities stronger,” says the female voice over in the ad. “It’s time to improve wages and working conditions for all Americans.”

Listen to the radio ad below:

MP3 Link: http://www.seiu.org/immigration/SEIU_ItsTime60_REV.mp3

According to SEIU, they’re the nation’s most diverse labor union and represent more immigrants that any other union in the United States.

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