On Wednesday, Kimani “Kiki” Gray’s mother spoke at a news conference to talk about her son who died on Saturday night after being shot seven times by two NYPD police officers.

Carol Gray told reporters that her son was slaughtered.

“He was slaughtered,” Gray told a room filled with reporters, the AP reports. “And I want to know why.”

“Today was very hard,” she said, and paused for a long moment before she was able to finish the sentence. “I had to choose the color of the casket that I wanted,” Gray’s mother said at the press conference.

An organizer of Wednesday’s event, Rickford Burke told the AP there’s a deep feeling of frustration in the community that police officers regularly harass and target young black men.

“The police department has proven to be racially inattentive to black communities, and this one is no different,” he said.

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg also spoke at an unrelated conference.

“Our hearts all have to go out to the family of this young man,” Bloomberg said at the news conference. “So far, all indications are that the young man had a gun, and I can promise you that we will conduct a full and fair investigation.”

Several eyewitnesses have disputed claims that Gray was carrying a gun.

“He’s 16 years old. What is he pointing a gun at over six police, knowing that they would kill him? He has common sense,” Kimani’s sister Mahnefah Gray told NY1 earlier this week.

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