On Friday evening artist Ramiro Gomez placed an installation right in the Beverly Hills-West Hollywood border to get those heading to the Oscars to consider who was taking care of their families and homes while they were out making movies.  

“As hollywood prepares for their annual self-congratulatory party, I wanted to make this piece to honor those who will not be thanked during the award’s acceptance speeches,” Gomez told Colorlines.com in an email.

Gomez’s installation includes cardboard cutouts of the Oscar statue, a housekeeper and gardener. 

Gomez went on to say the installation is called “And the award goes to…” because “the reality is that the many people working in this area will never receive one.”





In May 2012 interview, Gomez told Colorlines he wants his work to get people to stop and think about the labor force that takes care of the things we value the most: our families and our homes.

Learn more about Ramiro Gomez’ work by watching the video below and visiting his website.

Read this online at http://colorlines.com/archives/2013/02/just_in_time_for_oscars_street_artist_gets_hollywood_to_think_about_its_workers.html

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