More than 111 million people tuned into the 2012 Super Bowl, the most-watched program in television history. Super Bowl 2013 is expected to be another record-breaker.

The commercials that air during the game are becoming a large part of the Super Bowl experience and companies will pay top dollar to be included. CBS sold out its ad inventory for Super Bowl XLVII at prices averaging between $3.7 million and $3.8 million for each spot, according to Ad Age.

The commercials will make some people laugh, some people cry and infuriate others. 

Take a look at the commercials below and tell us if you think they’re a win, a big fail or racist. 

After you vote share this post with your friends and we’ll publish the results Sunday.


New York Times columnist Charles Blow said this Volkswagen ad is like “blackface with voices.” But Jamaica’s minister of tourism celebrates the commercial. What say you?


Go Daddy

The commercial, called “YourBigIdea.CO,” encourages you to register a website for your big idea before someone else (i.e. the white guy) gets there first.


Taco Bell

The ad stars elderly folks having a wild night while a Spanish-language version of Fun’s song “We Are Young” plays in the background. The commercial ends with Taco Bell’s “Live Mas” tagline.


Diet Coke

The commercial titled “Gardener” features a man mowing the grass while Etta James’ ‘I Just Want To Make Love To You’ plays in the background. (And yes, the climax in this storyline is the climax you’re thinking of.)



Get a new Mercedes and you’ll get a free woman (Kate Upton) and a dance date with Usher.



There’s a second Volkswagen Jamaican-themed ad!

This one actually includes a real Jamaican. Reggae musician Jimmy Cliff stars as black Jesus himself.


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