Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas and artist/filmmaker Wu Tsang are featured in the New York Times and T Magazine’s “Twelve For ‘12″ list. The list highlights notable designers, Olympians, filmmakers, writers and innovators.

A$ap Rocky, Allison Adler, Ang Lee, Bones the Machine, Cheryl Strayed, Ciarra Pardo, D.J. Aaron, Edward Barber are also included in this year’s list.

Gabrielle Douglas was identified as an “American icon” on the list.


Gabrielle DOUGLAS Douglas’s Olympic achievement — winning gold in both individual and group gymnastics competitions, and being the first African-American to do so — has made her something of an instant American icon. She’s currently on a national tour, and her autobiography comes out this month from HarperCollins.

Artist and filmmaker Wu Twang is also featured on the list. His film “Wildness” is one of the first to tell the stories of Latina transgender immigrants in Los Angeles. For more on his film read Colorlines.com’s March 2012 interview with him.


Here’s what the New York Times had to say about Wu Tsang:

Wu TSANG The personal films and video installations created by the artist Wu Tsang explore issues of transgender identity and have been shown at MoMA, where ”Wildness” will screen on Dec. 16, and as part of both the 2012 Whitney Biennial and 2012 New Museum Triennial. (Tsang was the only artist to appear in both prestigious surveys.) Tsang identifies as transfeminine, which carries plenty of complicated social and political meaning. And he happens to look fierce in a dress.

Visit the New York Time’s T Magazine for the full list.

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