Google has released the new Zeitgeist, its annual list of most popular searches and search trends throughout the year. The death of Whitney Houston in February led to Google’s top search for 2012.

Among other interesting findings: Election polls showed the economy was the issue voters cared about the most but according to Google Zeitgeist the most searched issues were Abortion, Gay Marriage and Immigration.

Also George Zimmerman, the man accused of killing Trayvon Martin, made the list of top 10 list for donation queries.

The top 10 list for 2012 worldwide Google search is as follows:

1. Whitney Houston

2. Gangnam Style

3. Hurricane Sandy

4. iPad 3

5. Diablo 3

6. Kate Middleton

7. Olympics 2012

8. Amanda Todd

9. Michael Clarke Duncan

10. BBB12

NBA player Jeremy Lin also rose on the charts this year, making him the #1 trending athlete globally.

Other notable trends:

Trending Political Gaffes:

  1. Big Bird
  2. 47 percent
  3. Binders full of women
  4. Airplane Windows
  5. Legitimate Rape
  6. Private sector is doing fine
  7. More flexibility mic slip
  8. President’s Stick
  9. Three Presidents intimately
  10. Y’all back in chains

Trending Election Issues 

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