There’s a lot to say about this reporter broadcasting images of hungry New Yorkers searching for food, but what’s clear now is that people in the East Village and Lower East side—where there are several public housing complexes—are desperate for food. Their priority is getting food, not marathons. 

New Yorkers on food stamps have especially been hit hard because they can’t pay for food, the state distributes benefits through Electronic Benefit Cards (EBT) that can’t be swiped in stores without power.

According to, the few food distribution places that have been set up in New York are experiencing lines that extend for blocks. 

Locations For Food And Water Distribution Announced For NYC:


  • Coffey Park at Richards Street
  • West 25th Street and Surf Avenue


  • West 27th Street between 9th and 10th Avenues
  • East 10th Street between Avenues C & D
  • Catherine Street between Cherry and Monroe Streets
  • Pitt Street and East Houston Street
  • Central Plaza at Division Street
  • Stanton and Pitt Streets

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