Both the Barack Obama re-election campaign and the Romney for President campaign have what they call “groups” or “communities” within their campaigns to target the so called “minority” groups.  The campaigns have given the groups their own identity and typeface and it may provide some insight in how they perceive these groups. (For those that don’t know, a typeface = fonts.)

Some of the typefaces are good, some of them are bad and whoever picked the Latinos for Obama font should be charged with a hate crime.

Here we go, we’ll start with the Obama campaign’s groups:

For starters they have the general group meant for white folks and everyone who doesn’t know they have their own dedicated group.


Latinos got the craziest font.

Take a look at the letter “S” in Latinos, does it look like it comes from the golden age of gang graffiti to you? Or like some low-rider cars should be in the picture too?


Then there’s the African-American group with this interesting selection:


The classiest font went to Asian-Americans.

Take a look, it looks so serious compared to the African-American and Latino groups. So serious! It could have gone much worse though…


Gays are so bold!

Not an ethnic group, I know. But I’m inclusive when I’m trying to prove a point.


Women are also really classy. And fancy?


Native Americans got the only identity with traditional imagery.

Unfortunately, the group isn’t as widely promoted as the other groups and the only image I could find is pretty small.


Moving on to the Romney for President campaign.

Latinos or Hispanics?

Apparently Romney doesn’t like labels or labeling groups of people with fonts.

You’d think that after Romney got caught saying that if he was Latino he’d have a better shot at winning the election he’d form a group with the words “Latino” or “Hispanic” in it. But he didn’t, instead the campaign opted for a less controversial “juntos con Romney” or “together with Romney” label in a standard font.


And maybe he only wants important black people?


He’s got a Polish-Americans group.


And a Jewish-Americans group.


Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders were also blessed with their own label.


And women were lucky enough to get their own personalized font.

Notice how women are voting for “MITT”. But everyone else is voting for “ROMNEY.” (Observation made by reader in the comments below.)


No gay groups for Romney though. No, no.

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