After interminable years, several billions of dollars and an unending stream of political ads (more if you live in a swing state), Election Day is here. But what’s that? You know eligible voters who still aren’t planning on turning out?

It’s time you send your friends to Your Excuse Sucks, a project by Cultivated Wit and Fight for the Future. Among the brains behind it are comedians and writers like Brian Janosch and Baratunde Thurston. Trust them to help make the case for voting, if being part of the democratic process to shift power in the country isn’t a good enough excuse on its own.

Think you don’t have time to vote? “Sure, time is money. But you know what else is money? Money! Specifically the amounts of it you could gain or lose based on the outcome of this election,” they say.

You live in a solidly blue or red state where the presidential results for your state are pretty much taken care of? Your Excuse Sucks says, “There’s a word for someone who only participates if they know they can win: asshole.”

And on and on it goes. Of course, there are several legitimate reasons why you may not be voting today: you’re under 18; you’re not a citizen; you live in Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, or Virginia and have a felony on your record and so are possibly barred from voting; you didn’t register in time; or, as Your Excuse Sucks says, “you’re dead.”

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