There’s not a whole lot of context to the video above that was recorded at this past weekend’s 50th Annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in Philadelphia. But what’s clear from the 36 second video is that a woman jumping around celebrating (by spraying silly string) ends up with a busted lip after an officer throws her down on the floor.

The video was posted to Reddit Monday morning with just a few details added by the person who shot the video.

“Police Brutality in Philadelphia: Officer sucker punches woman he assumed sprinkled water on him. The video shows it wasn’t her,” wrote the user zombiesrus. In just 6-hours since the video was posted, Reddit users have deconstructed the video and created GIFs that illustrate ‘zombiesrus’ observations.

Commenters also say the officer that allegedly punched the woman is believed to be a sergeant because he is wearing a white shirt.

We’ll keep you updated if and when we get any information from the Philadelphia Police Department.

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