Actress Rosie Pérez stopped by the Rachel Maddow show Monday night to discuss her video mocking Mitt Romney’s remarks about the advantages of being Latino.

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It’s a great interview, but something else happened that you don’t see on television often these days.

Just at look at this amazing exchange of admiration, respect, and love:

Rosie Perez: “It’s my pleasure. I love your show.”

and later…

Rachel Maddow: Rosie Perez , actress, thank you for being here. I know you had a lot of other places to be. thank you for being here.

Perez: thank you and I love your show, like I said.

Maddow: you were at a restaurant once and I walked past and saw you sitting in the window, and I was going to go in there, but I was so star struck so I went to a different restaurant.

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