On Sunday, September 2nd, Rev. Otis Moss III, the pastor of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, IL (where Rev. Jeremiah Wright was formally the pastor) took on invisible racism. Perhaps taking some inspiration from Clint Eastwood’s Republican National Convention invisible chair stunt Rev. Moss touches on history, the upcoming election, and voter suppression.

The Trinity United Church of Christ has launched a Change.org petition urging supporters to sign on to the campaign to end the “invisible racism that leads to Voter Photo ID laws that suppress the democratic rights of the elderly, people of color and the poor.”

Rev. Moss wrote an editorial piece posted on the Huffington Post urging his community to register to vote:

In this day of the viral “empty chair,” the church community and the interfaith community must speak to the “empty chair” and what it represents. The “empty chair” represents invisible racism and voter suppression in America.

​The spirit of God is love and justice. The “empty chair” of invisible racism disregards the meaning of God’s love. As people of faith, we must ask ourselves, why is there an intentional invisible racism voter suppression movement to prevent eligible citizens the right to vote?

​As people of faith, we must be concerned about the least of these in America. All citizens 18-years and older must have the inalienable right to vote; to ensure that the homeless have a place to live, the hungry have food to eat, all children have access to quality education, former prisoners and their families can apply to live in public housing, and the elderly and all people in American can receive healthcare.

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