No one was mystified by the uproar over her hair more than Gabby Douglas, the two-time gold medalist and history-making Olympic gymnast.

“I don’t know where this is coming from. What’s wrong with my hair?” Douglas told the Huffington Post. “I’m like, ‘I just made history and people are focused on my hair?’ It can be bald or short, it doesn’t matter about (my) hair.”

“I don’t think people should be worried about that,” she said of all the fuss about her hair. “We’re all champions and we’re all winners. I just say that it’s kind of, a stupid and crazy thought to think about my hair.”

She found out about the fuss when she Googled herself after winning her gold medal, the Huffington Post reported. “Nothing is going to change,” Douglas said. “I’m going to wear my hair like this during beam and bar finals. You might as well just stop talking about it.” Douglas has had other things on her mind—namely her historic gold medal-winning performances this past week. Douglas is the first U.S. woman to win a team and all-around individual gold medal in gymnastics, and is the first African-American female and the first woman of color to win the all-around.

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