While the country awaits the Supreme Court’s ruling on the constitutionality of Arizona’s SB 1070, Gov. Brewer isn’t wasting any time in implementing the draconian immigration law. The Arizona governor recently issued an executive order to prepare police officers in that state for SB 1070’s implementation.

According to the Associated Press Brewer issued a two-page executive order telling the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board to redistribute a training DVD for SB 1070.

Colorlines.com reporter Seth Freed Wessler notes that Brewer’s preemptive moves may actually reinforce some of the most troubling aspects of the law. Wessler said the following:

Jan Brewer is wasting no time. Like many court watchers, she expects that at least parts of the law will be upheld and she’s moving to prepare her police to enforce it. The order sends a message to cops that they should be ready to start checking papers immediately. But even if the court lifts the injunction, SB 1070 will still have to be returned to the lower court before it can go into effect, making Brewer’s order a presumptive.

The video that the Governor ordered distrbuted to all police in the state includes instructions to cops that they should not racially profile when enforcing the law. In effect, the Governor seems to have implicitly admitted that SB 1070 risks encouraging racial profiling.

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