New Yorkers into food politics are in for a treat this weekend. Food lovers in other parts of the country can take a look at some of the participants that are doing progressive work in food systems until the Food Book Fair goes on tour.

The New York Food Book Fair is taking place Friday, May 4th - Sunday, May 6th with celebrated authors, activists, chefs and artists coming together for panel discussions and a few other events. (Full disclosure: Founder Elizabeth Thacker Jones is a big fan of and a friend of mine.)

Included in panels is Colorlines,com favorite Bryant Terry who’s ‘Inspired Vegan’ cookbook shows healthy food isn’t just for white folks and food scholar Krishnendu Ray who focuses on questions of ethnicity and its relation to consumption, food culture and food politics.

Ray’s latest book “Curried Cultures” is a wide-ranging collection of essays that explores the relationship between globalization and South Asia through food, “covering the cuisine of the colonial period to the contemporary era, investigating its material and symbolic meanings.”

The Food Book Fair will highlight cookbooks, memoirs, magazines, and books about science, food systems, agriculture, urban design and food art and culture, and serve as a meeting place for food enthusiasts from all food disciplines.

Panel highlights include:

Saturday May 5th, 1:45pm-2:45pm

Peter Kaminsky, Author and New York Times Columnist (moderator)
Tamar Adler, Author, An Everlasting Meal
Bryant Terry, Chef, Activist, Author, The Inspired Vegan
Mona Talbott, Chef; Author, Zuppe

Panel description: Chefs and food writers are becoming increasingly more aware of their role in our food system and
many are beginning to take an active role in changing the way we eat and think about food. Are these chefs activists or just concerned citizens? In FOOD + COOKING + CHANGE we ask a group of dedicated chefs “Can we change the world through the way we cook?”

Sunday May 6th, 2:15pm-3:15pm

Krishnendu Ray, Professor and Author, The Migrant’s Table, Editor Curried Cultures (moderator)
Paul Freedman, Professor and Author, Food: A History of Taste
Maite Gomez-Rejon, Founder, Art Bites and Author
Lauren Shockey, Author, Four Kitchens

Panel description: In recent years, we have seen a rise in food studies as both an academic focus and a popular interest but what is food studies exactly? Why is examining food important to scholarship and to our everyday lives? What can looking at food tell us about society, culture, history and politics? FOOD + STUDIES demystifies the discipline and helps us understand its value to us all.

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