Share of unemployed who have been unemployed 27 weeks or more, by race and ethnicity, 2010-2011asian-unemployment.png (EPI)

For the past two years, Asian Americans have had the highest share of unemployed workers who were unemployed long term (for more than half a year) when compared with white, black, and Latino workers—despite having higher education levels than these other racial/ethnic groups. The new study from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) also found highly educated Asian Americans continue to have a higher overall unemployment rate than similarly educated whites.

The new data show that 2011 was largely a continuation of the Asian American unemployment situation from 2010. 

EPI’s latest study is a supplement to the previously released “Unfairly Disadvantaged?” report that presented 2011 the most up-to-date yearly unemployment data available for Asian American workers.

To read the complete report visit the Economic Policy Institute’s website.

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