The British company Paladone released a line of dishwashing sponges based on African-Americans with Afro hairstyles. One figure is shaped like Diana Ross with a brillo pad hairstyle and another is a disco-styled sponge. Paladone said that these were designed to be fun and sales have been high. But are these funny or racist?


The company has faced backlash from folks saying the product is racist and reinforces negative stereotypes. 

According to the Daily Mail, Unite Against Fascism is fighting to get these products removed. 

‘It opens the door for people to produce racial stereotypes and that’s not something we want to see in our society.

‘We’ve worked very hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.

They need to think again. Is there no way they can come up with positive views of people without just using negative views of black people.

‘Trying to compare black people’s to brillo pads is not a really positive image - it’s not appropriate.’

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