I wrote earlier today about how sad I am that Jeremy Lin’s out for the season due to a knee injury. But it turns out that he’s looking at the brighter side of life. The New York Knicks point guard held a public Q&A session with fans on Facebook shortly after he had knee surgery yesterday. Here’s a snippet, collected by the Wall Street Journal:

Jeremy: That’s a tough question. Depends on the day, but my three favorite foods are sushi, steak and seafood

Apple: Do you like animals? Dogs or cats ?

Jeremy: Dogs all the way. When i was young, I saw a cat run into my backyard and rip my favorite Nerf ball in half, but I was too young/scared to chase the cat away.

Courtney: Do you have a favorite fiction book?

Jeremy: I read the first four Harry Potter books. Then they kept getting longer and longer, so I couldn’t do it anymore, LOL.

Ling: Do you cook? What’s your best dish?

Jeremy: Steak and eggs. Garlic salt for the steak. Sriracha sauce for the eggs!

Fiona: Anything that you want us to pray for you most?

Jeremy: A healthy/speedy recovery, wisdom on how to make the biggest impact with the Jeremy Lin Foundation and a better understanding of Jesus’s death/resurrection on the cross.

Dorothy: Did you play a musical instrument while growing up?

Jeremy: Piano. But I wish I’d played the triangle, ha ha.

Read the rest over at the Wall Street Journal.

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