Proceedings at a planned hearing today in the Trayvon Martin murder case over administrative details were eclipsed by a bigger issue: $204,000 in undisclosed donations that George Zimmerman raised through his now-defunct website. A Florida judge ruled today that the self-appointed neighborhood watchman won’t immediately need to hand them over, CNN reported.

State prosecutors argued that in light of this new disclosure, which Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara said he didn’t know about until this week, Zimmerman’s bond ought to be increased. Zimmerman failed to disclose the amount at his bond hearing last week, where a judge set bail for the self-appointed neighborhood watchman at $150,000 after the Zimmermans said they could not afford the proposed $1 million bond. Zimmerman was released Sunday night after posting 10 percent of his bail.

CBS reported:

Meanwhile, according to CNN, the attorney for Trayvon Martin’s family says Zimmerman should be back in jail because during a recent bond hearing he did not report to a judge that he had $204,000.

“They tried to portray themselves as indigent that they did not have any money,” said Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump. “We think the court should revoke his bond immediately and he should be held accountable for misleading the court.”

The website, created almost two weeks ago by Zimmerman’s family, was made in an effort to receive donations for his legal defense and thank supporters. The site has since been shut down but O’Mara said he’ll likely start a new defense fund for Zimmerman.

According to CNN, O’Mara said that Zimmerman has already spent some of the money on personal living expenses. About $150,000 of the money remains. A judge ruled that the money did not need to immediately be turned over because he was not sure if he could legally direct that the money be handed over.

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