The lead homicide investigator in the shooting of Trayvon Martin recommended that George Zimmerman be charged with manslaughter the night of the shooting, multiple sources have leaked to ABC News.

But Sanford, Fla., investigator Chris Serino was instructed to not press charges against Zimmerman because the state attorney’s office headed by Norman Wolfinger determined there wasn’t enough evidence to lead to a conviction, ABC News reports.

“The rules of justice in this nation have failed when an innocent teenage boy can be shot to death by a vigilante and no arrest is made for weeks,” NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous said in a statement last week.

“But until the perpetrator of this heinous crime is brought to justice, we will not rest.”

Zimmerman has allegedly avoided serious charges in the past including resisting an officer with violence, the news site has uncovered.

“According to a records search on George, he was previously arrested for domestic violence, resisting an officer without violence and most shockingly, resisting an officer with violence — a felony charge that surely could have landed him in prison,” Danielle Canada, who looked at Zimmerman’s record, writes on

“All three of those arrests, however, were mysteriously closed with no semblance of charges for the Florida resident.”

Zimmerman’s mother, Gladys who is Peruvian, used to be an interpreter at the county courthouse. While his father, Robert Zimmerman, who is white, is a former Orange County magistrate judge.

“Did George Zimmerman have help from his father, a retired judge, in clearing his name in three separate arrests?”, asks’s Danielle Canada.

That’s the question on everyone’s mind now that news has leaked that the lead investigator wanted him arrested.

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