Five more advertisers announced they will no longer advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, bringing the total number to 20. But industry insiders say most ad dollars are simply moved around temporarily and sometimes they even come back.

“While ad exits make headlines, they don’t necessarily account for typical sponsorship cycles,” Brian Steinberg wrote in the marketing industry magazine Ad Age on Monday. “Advertisers may appear to leave, but they more often simply move to the sidelines. Sometimes, they even come back.”

Steinberg offers an example: > For example, when Lowe’s announced late last year that it was withdrawing its ad dollars from TLC’s “American Muslim,” it might have seemed like a death knell for the show — except for one thing. Lowe’s didn’t withdraw its ad dollars from TLC, or any of the other cable outlets owned by Discovery Communications. The same has been true for sponsors who grew disenchanted with Glenn Beck on Fox News Channel and even Don Imus during his old show on MSNBC. The ad dollars don’t leave the TV network, they just get “re-expressed” somewhere else.

That said, we have seen the pulling ads strategy work when there is a vigilant campaign that continues to hold advertisers accountable and make sure they don’t return or buy new ads.

After several weeks of online petitions, a viral YouTube video, text-message campaign, radio PSAs and a push to get advertisers to drop Lou Dobb’s show on CNN, was able to get conservative host to resign from the network. (The project was part of, a national online advocacy organization.)

Below, via Think Progress, is a list of advertisers who have left Limbaugh’s show.

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