The ACLU is in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals today, challenging the constitutionality of Georgia and Alabama’s discriminatory “show me your papers” laws.

In the video above, produced by the ACLU, Republican Mayor Paul Bridges of Uvalda, Georgia talks about why he’s against HB 87, an immigration enforcement bill modeled on Arizona’s SB 1070 that passed the state legislature last year.

More from the ACLU’s “Blog of Rights:” When Mr. Bridges talks about his town, he describes a community that is a thriving agricultural center, thanks in large part to the contributions of the Latino community. Uvalda, a town of 600, is inviting and charitable, and most folks know each other pretty well. People lend each other rides to the grocery store and invite friends over for neighborly dinners, and do not think to ask for their “papers” before doing so. Mr. Bridges is one of those people, opening his home to those who work in the fields and often giving friends a ride to the doctor or church, some of whom may be undocumented. But under Georgia’s law, these simple acts of kindness become criminal acts.

Bridges is one of the plaintiffs in the ACLU’s case against Georgia’s “Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act,” or H.B. 87.

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