NASCAR is looking for an ad agency to develop a strategy for them to increase their Latino fan base. The family owned group that governs multiple auto racing sports events is likely looking to bite in the wallets of the fastest growing demographic in the nation.

AdAge describes what NASCAR is looking for in their agency review:

Jump most likely faces an uphill battle, as Nascar is looking for a full-service agency experienced in youth, multicultural (with a focus on the Hispanic market) and digital marketing, as well as media planning and events and promotions capabilities. The ideal agency will also have background in sports, a passion for Nascar and demonstrated success in leading a transformation at a similar organization, Ms. Brink said. 


 The review follows a five-year plan that Nascar outlined in 2011 with these goals: Build the star power of individual drivers, increase engagement among children and college-age consumers, attract a multicultural fan base (specifically Hispanics), craft more cohesive digital- and social-media strategies, and improve fans’ racetrack experience.

NASCAR races are broadcast in more than 150 countries and in 20 languages, according to NASCAR.

I’m no ad agency but here’s a novel idea: Instead of spending millions of dollars on an ad campaign try to get more Latino (and Latina) drivers in those racing cars and chances are Latinos viewership will increase.

Besides, the money might be better spent on a public service announcement to prepare current NASCAR race ticket holders for the impending Latinos seat neighbors. The last time a black woman stepped in to the crowd she got booed.

I’m ready for my ¡Arranquen sus engines! t-shirt.

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