On Monday the Georgia Senate passed a bill that would ban undocumented students from Georgia’s 60 public colleges. If Senate Bill 458 becomes law undocumented students will not be able to attend state colleges even even if the student can pay full tuition upfront.

“Georgia’s already got a ban of sorts on undocumented students attending its top five most competitive schools. This law would expand the ban to the entire state college network,” said Julianne Hing, Colorlines.com’s immigration reporter.

South Carolina’s got a ban on the books as well, since 2008. Alabama passed a ban on undocumented students enrolling in college in HB 56, but that’s been challenged in the courts.

“What we’re seeing here is undocumented immigrants getting bullied by lawmakers. They make easy targets. And even though there are plenty of economic and political reasons why banning anyone from attending college or university is unwise, those arguments don’t stand a chance against anti-immigrant demagoguery, which we’re seeing on full display here,” Hing went on to say.

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