Comedian W. Kamau Bell is getting his own TV show!

Bell is best known for his one-man act, “The W. Kamau Bell Curve Show: Ending Racism In About An Hour” and for telling the very first joke about Barack Obama on Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend” back in 2005.

“The as-of-yet-untitled 30-minute show - loosely described as a cross between the Daily Show on Comedy Central and more traditional late night chat programs - will premiere this August and run for six episodes,” according to, who broke the news.

“I have six episodes to make a mark on Hollywood— or a scar on Hollywood. We’ll see how it goes,” Bell told Chris Rock, along with longtime collaborator Chuck Sklar and Bell, will serve as executive producers.

(Full disclosure: W Kamau Bell is a board member at the Applied Research Center,’s publisher. Objectively and subjective I still think he’s funny though. If you don’t trust my opinion ask Chris Rock.)

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