Students taking the SAT or ACT will now have to submit photos of themselves when they sign up for the college entrance exams and provide a photo-ID on test dates. The changes will not affect students who may not have access to government-issued IDs, according to The College Board.

The changes announced Tuesday come in the aftermath of a major cheating scandal in Long Island. Effective with the 2012-13 academic year, students registering online will now have to upload a “recognizable photo” of them which will then be printed in a “photo admission ticket” that test takers must present along with a photo-ID on test day.

In a statement to, Kathleen Fineout Steinberg, executive director of Communications at the College Board, confirmed that students who do not have access to government issued IDs will not be affected.

The College Board was created to democratize access to higher education for all students, and our goal is to help as many students as possible pursue their college aspirations. For many students, this includes taking a college entrance exam like the SAT. While photo ID is required for admission to SAT test centers, we recognize that many students do not have, and many cannot afford, government-issued photo ID. Therefore, the College Board has no intention of changing its policy regarding the types of photo ID currently accepted for admission to SAT test centers. Acceptable forms of photo ID include a state-issued driver’s license, state-issued nondriver ID, high school identification card, passport, other government-issued photo ID, or a School ID Form prepared by the student’s school.

“By implementing these changes, the College Board and ETS can maintain an honest and fair testing environment for the millions of students who take the SAT each year as part of the college admission process,” read a statement from the College Board.

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