The fourth annual Shorty Awards were held Monday night at the Times Center in New York. The event that is often called the Grammys and Oscars of social media honored the web series “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” in the best #Webshow category.

The show’s first episode which debuted in February 2011 is approaching one million views. Since then the series that centers around a young (awkward) black woman navigating though life, love and work has gone on to develop a cult following with fans who have even supported the show financially through Kickstarter.

“Congratulations to @awkwardblkgrl for winning the #Webshow Shorty Award! #shortyawards,” tweeted @ShortyAwards shortly after announcing the winners at the ceremony.

“Woohoo! @AwkwardBlkGrl won the @ShortyAward for best web show!” tweeted Issa Rae, the show’s creator and star.

But not everyone was celebrating Rae’s win.

Fueled by other nominees that lost in the #Webshow category, hundreds of racist tweets were published using the hashtag #ThingsBetterThanAwkwardBlackGirl. “Among the repeat, and most vocal offenders, was comedian and on-air personality Mersh who addressed his more than 10,000 Twitter followers with quips making light of everything from Trayvon Martin’s murder to Chris Brown’s attack on Rihanna,” notes, which covered the tweets extensively.

But in a lesson on how to deal with haters (and sore losers) online Rae addressed the racism with a simple (and classy) tweet.

“Losers be triiiiiipppppppiiiiiiiiiiin.”

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