If you’re a woman, or a person who just happens to respect women, you’ve got plenty reason to be angry these days.

Artist Favianna Rodriguez, fed up with the misogyny taking over the airwaves and filling statehouses, created a series of posters that say exactly what many of us have been feeling for a very long time. As she wrote on her blog, “Everywhere you turn, the right wing is attempting to further limit and hinder our access to our reproductive rights through anti-contraceptive measures.”

“I decided it was time for some slut positivity and some major ass kicking of these conservative, woman-hating men,” Rodriguez wrote.

All these posters need are to be printed out and brought to your next demonstration. “Politicians off my poontang!”—that’s a ready made campaign slogan, if you ask us. Check out Rodriguez’s fierce posters below, and click here to download your own copy.




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