Throughout the history of South by Southwest Latinos have organized unofficial “meet ups” to convene but after twenty years Latinos finally got an official event at SXSW. The event called “The Social Revolución” also honored Latino visionaries using social media to create change.

“With so many inspiring Social Revolucionarios, we felt there was a need to honor our bright stars through the RevolucionarioAwards at SXSW’s first ever Latino Lounge,” Sebastian Puente, founder of Cultural Strategies who organized the event.

“Latinos tend to be much younger and open to adopting new technologies,” continued Puente. “They seamlessly represent two worlds and are constantly redefining what it means to be Latino as trendsetters and innovators.”

“We are experiencing some of the most interesting transformations of our time, where content consumption is ubiquitous and our nation faces a new American reality,” said Fernando Rodriguez-Vila, of Univision News, who also sponsored the event.

Among the nominees was a campaign in Mexico that accumulated 31,000 Portraits for Peace; a response to the Bastrop Wildfires; One Million Voices, an anti-terrorist Facebook movement in Colombia; and Vocabador, an educational app for students with a Lucha Libre theme.


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