The Obama for America campaign announced last week California Attorney General Kamala Harris is one of the national co-chairs for Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election effort.

The co-chairs will “serve as ambassadors for the President, advise the campaign on key issues, and help engage and mobilize voters in all 50 states,” the campaign said last Wednesday in a statement.

“Since taking office, the President has worked tirelessly to provide relief for struggling middle-class families and to lay a foundation for a strong economy that’s built to last. The President’s leadership and vision for the future will continue to move the country forward, rather than taking us back to the failed policies of the past,” Harris said in a statement.

In an interview with Cynthia Gordy at The Root, Harris said she’s “absolutely committed to re-electing President Obama” and that she’s ready to discuss how Obama will help those facing a variety of “issues that range from the economy to the foreclosure crisis to the challenges that the middle class is facing.

Below is a snippet from The Root’s interview:

The Root: Speaking of the foreclosure crisis, why did you decide to sign on to the Obama administration’s mortgage-fraud settlement with the banks this month, and do you think it’s good for homeowners?

Kamala Harris: Ultimately, I signed on because it was about making sure that we would bring $18 billion to California, and do that without giving a blank check of immunity to the banks. So we preserved our ability to continue investigations and require accountability, but did that in a way that would bring immediate relief to a lot of homeowners who were in desperate need of help. In California, over 50 percent of the homeowners who have gone through the foreclosure process are African American and Latino, in spite of the fact that we’re only about 30 percent of the homeowner population.

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