On Sunday May 1, people came out nationwide to rally for immigration reform. Crowds were much smaller than last year, but the urgency to push immigration reform definitely still runs strong, especially with states proposing bills similar to Arizona’s SB 1070 bill. Marchers gathered to support the Dream Act, stop enforcement of Secure Communities and put a halt on  deportations. But marchers also came together to voice their frustrations with President Obama over a tax system that favors the wealthy, U.S. defense policy, environmental issues, workers’ rights, labor unions and the economy.

Check out some photos of rallies across the country:

boston_mayday_050211.jpgBoston May Day rally (Photo: Creative Commons/Protest Photos1)

long_island_mayday_050211.jpgLong Island May Day rally (Photo: Creative Commons/Long Island Wins)

long_island2_mayday_050211.jpgLong Island May Day rally (Photo: Creative Commons/Long Island Wins)

sf_mayday_050211.jpgSan Francisco May Day rally (Photo: Melanie Cervantes)

sf_mayday2_050211.jpgSan Francisco May Day rally (Photo: Melanie Cervantes)


Wisconsin May Day rally (Photo: Creative Commons/Karen Hickey)

Wisconsin May Day rally (Photo: Creative Commons/Karen Hickey)

LA_mayday_050201.jpgLos Angeles May Day rally (Photo: Eric Thayer/Getty Images)

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