Nearly 800 people came to Chicago in September to talk about racial justice at the Facing Race conference hosted by our publisher, the Applied Research Center. Some highlights were our keynote speaker Melissa Harris-Lacewell, opening plenary moderated by Malkia Cyril who lead the room in song, media plenary with ColorLines’ editorial director Kai Wright and a closing plenary on popularizing racial justice with Cathy Cohen, Rinku Sen, Van Jones, Maria Teresa Kumar and Tim Wise. Check out video highlights of the closing plenary here and watch the full discussion at  

crowd_093010.jpgPhoto by Darren Calhoun

plenary1_093010.jpg Opening Plenary: The Future Is Now: Framing Our Vision for Equity
Ai-jen Poo, Manuel Pastor, Malkia Cyril, John Jackson and LeeAnn Hall
Photo by Darren Calhoun

mhl_093010.jpg Keynote Speaker: Melissa Harris-Lacewell
Photo by Brian Palmer

plenary_1_093010.jpg Keynote Plenary: Race Talk in Real Time: Teachable Moments for the Masses and the Movement
Erica Williams, Melissa Harris-Lacewell, Rinku Sen, Monica Novoa and Rickke Mananzala Photo by Brian Palmer

plenary3_093010.jpg Media Plenary: Covering Race/Uncovering Racism: New Media Innovations for Revealing Realitites
Latoya Peterson, Tracy Van Slyke, Veronica Arreola and Kai Wright
Photo by Brian Palmer

shirts_093010.jpg Photo by Brian Palmer

plenary4_093010.jpg Closing Plenary: Popularizing Racial Justice: Building Clarity, Unity and Strategy to Move Us Forward
Cathy Cohen, Rinku Sen, Van Jones, Maria Teresa Kumar and Tim Wise
Photo by Brian Palmer

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