As expected, Harlem Congressman Charlie Rangel handily won the democratic primary yesterday in New York’s 15th district, despite a looming ethics scandal. The Washingon Post reported this morning:

Rangel, the ousted Ways and Means Committee chairman who has been charged with 13 counts of violating House rules, ran an aggressive campaign for the Democratic nomination, betting that the people who have known him longest - voters in the 15th Congressional District - would send him back to Capitol Hill with a political victory before the House ethics committee tries him later this year or early next year.

“I go back to Washington stronger than I’ve ever been,” Rangel declared as supporters presented him a victory cake from singer Aretha Franklin.

The longtime lawmaker’s gonna need all the strength he can get. It’s worth noting that Rangel probably never faced any true danger of losing his seat in Harlem this fall. But the drawn out ethics battle will surely play a huge role in the midterm elections broadly. And it remains to be seen what the long term ramifications will be for both Rangel and his district.

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