October 13, 2009

Watch out for:
Dear Lemon Lima
(Directed by Suzi Yoonessi)

In a world of sugar-sweet sunshine smack dab in the middle of Fairbanks, Alaska, 13-year-old Vanessa Lemor’s heart just got broken by narcissistic Philip, the most (newly) popular boy at the Nichols Academy prep school. Working at the local ice cream shack, Vanessa obsesses over her breakup with a social circle that consists of a colorful bunch of quirky misfits who, like her, are confined to the “reject” weight room during P.E.

But along with the sole minority scholarship (she’s the token Yup’ik), Vanessa is given the opportunity to be the only freshman captain for the Snowstorm Survivor competition.  

Seemingly doomed to failure, she assembles her outcast friends into team FUBAR (“F*ked Up Beyond All Recognition”) and is sure that victory alone can win back her lost love.

Armed with an endearing style, first-time writer/director Suzi Yoonessi vividly illustrates the workings of a tween Alaskan heroine’s bubble and angst in this bittersweet tale of camaraderie, individuality and snow cones. The film had its world premiere at the L.A. Film Festival in June.

For more about the film, check out dearlemonlimamovie.com.

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