Research Shows Latino Toddlers Lagging
According to a UC Berkeley researcher, toddlers born to immigrant, Latina mothers tend to have poorer cognitive skills than white, middle-class toddlers. Several factors may explain the lag, including the generally larger size of Latino families, and immigrant, Latino mothers having less college experience than white, suburban mothers.

Chicago Club Allegedly Denied Black Students’ Entry
Students from Washington University have filed complaints against a Chicago nightclub, claiming that it discriminated against Black students from its senior class by barring their entry into the bar. Students have rallied support from the Anti-Defamation League and the Chicago Urban League, which jointly called for the club to retrain its employees to avoid discriminatory practices.

Next LAPD Chief May Make History
Among the candidates to replace the Los Angeles Police Department’s Chief are two women, two Latinos, and an Asian man, all of whom may make history if any of them gain the position, as either the first female, first Latino, or first Asian LAPD Chief.

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