photo credit: Miguel de la Fuente

NYC Asian-Americans Gain Political Ground
New York City is poised to see the first Asian-Americans hold seats in its political offices in the last 8 years. Margaret Chin will likely be the first Chinese-American in City Council to represent Lower Manhattan’s Chinatown in its 150-year history, and John Liu is primed to be the first Asian-American to hold city-wide office as comptroller.

Counter-Protest Upstages Neo-Nazi Demonstration
A ploy by Neo-Nazi demonstrators to protest against an anti-racism workshop being held in a YWCA was foiled by a counter-protest organized by neighborhood residents and local community members in Minneapolis.

MnDOT Scales Down Hiring Efforts for Women, POCs
The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has continued to fall short of its goals to increase the hiring of women and people of color as subcontractors. MnDOT’s other challenge is to help individual women and people of color actually find construction jobs with contractors.

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