By Kevin Johnson

This post originally appeared on the Immigration Prof Blog.

Sadly, it continues to be open season on Latinos — especially Latino immigrants — in the United States. The “sport” of “beaner hopping” is even defined in the Urban Dictionary. What the heck is going on?

The latest news on this subject to report is a hate crime in Brooklyn, with the poor Mexican victim who was beaten senseless (and now unable to work and support his family) afraid to report the crime to police because of his and his wife’s immigration status.

Will the federal government ever act? How many senseless deaths of Latinos must occur before the Obama administration condemns what is happening?

The spike in hate crimes against Latinos has long been in the news, as the debate over immigration reform, state and local anti-immigrant agitation, and Lou Dobbs and others have fomented hate.. Where is the U.S. Department of Justice, especially the Civil Rights Division?

During the Presidential campaign, we were told by Senator Obama himself that “help was on the way.” Many of us hoped and believed. We have been patiently waiting on immigration reform, responses to hate on the streets, etc. The wait has to end. What has to be done to trigger a federal response to the daily injustices affecting Latinos in the United States? Is there anyone out there?

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