September 9, 2009

I’m Through with White Girls (The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks) (Directed by Jennifer Sharp)

Jay Brooks is an indie-rock-lovin’ graphic novel artist, a lone Black man in his hipster social circles who’s afraid to dance and commit. Realizing that his one-too-many failed relationships are all with white women, he begins a whirlwind dating spree to find a girlfriend of color.

Enter Catherine, a best-selling author with a fear of public speaking because she totally speaks like the Valley girl she is—and, like, what would people think of her books if they knew? Meanwhile, Jay’s two BFFs are scrambling to fit into the image they think will land them love.

Helmed by first-time director Jennifer Sharp and written by Courtney Lilly (Arrested Development, Everybody Hates Chris), the film’s provocative title is undone through a lighthearted tour of the race, class and gender stereotypes that permeate American culture. Producer Lia Johnson stars as the ebullient Catherine in this low-budget (filmed in 24 days in L.A.), indie-romantic comedy that takes a super fluffy and commendably ambitious shot at exploding the assumptions that make us doubt who we are and who we love.

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Roya Rastegar is an associate programmer at the Tribeca Film Festival and a doctoral candidate at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

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