Building on the success and excitement generated by racial justice activists from across the country, Facing Race 2010 guarantees lively discussions on today’s hot-button race issues while offering models for real change. Taking place September 23-25, 2010 at the McCormick Hyatt Regency in Chicago, IL, Facing Race serves as a focal point for organizations and individuals committed to crafting innovative strategies and successful models for changing policy and shaping culture to advance racial justice.

Facing Race brings together all people concerned about race including activists, artists, organizers, journalists, scholars, policy advocates, and researchers. This conference will explore the innovative strategies and successful models that have the power to make our racial justice moment into a reality.

Check out past conference speakers, workshops and cultural events at the Facing Race web page and for up-to-date info, join the Facing Race Facebook page.

Be one of the 1000 participants looking to define justice and make change in 2010. Come to Facing Race!

For more information on Facing Race, contact Gina Acebo at or by phone at 510-653-3415, x4919.

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