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Gloria Rodriguez pictured with her husband, Rigoberto Cartagena, and daughter, Andrea.

Worker Battles Company for Lost Wages
After Gloria Rodriguez waged a media campaign against Coverall, a cleaning company, for denying her up to $1,200 in wages, the company has finally decided to pay her back by donating $40,000 to two organizations that helped Rodriguez. The money is said to go to the 18 workers who were denied pay.

W.Virginia Health Disparities Report Highlights Major Problems
Local organizers are pushing for better healthcare access for communities of color after a new report by Health Care for America Now found major racial disparities in health-care access and poor well-being of Latinos and Blacks.

New Orleans Black Businesses Still Struggling
Black-owned businesses and companies in New Orleans are closing at roughly twice the rate of white-owned bussinesses, according to the Political & Economic Research Council, a North Carolina think tank.

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