Hours ago, the First Family arrived in Accra, Ghana, on their way home from events in Russia and Italy. MSNBC’s theGrio.com has been covering the Ghanaian anticipation to this historic visit, and the politics around it, with their massive Obamas in Africa series.

The entire series is jammed with articles, video, commentary, and on-the-ground reporting. For starters, check out “The rift between African Americans and Africans,” “Michelle can use fashion to assist Africa,” or the “Welcome to Hotel Obama” video about a Barack-themed Accra hotel, which opened less than two weeks before the Obama’s visit and features such suite themes as “Harvard,” “Hawaii,” “Kenya,” and “Lincoln.”

Also on theGrio.com, check out ColorLines publisher Rinku Sen’s contributions. Here’s “Why we need immigration reform - now.”

Read this online at http://colorlines.com/archives/2009/07/thegriocom_on_the_obamas_in_af.html

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