Both Before I’m Gone
(Blackheart Records Group)

GIRL IN A COMA’S FIRST WIDELY AVAILABLE recording has been long anticipated by fans fortunate enough to have caught one of their shows. The resulting product from the San Antonio, Texas–based trio is well worth the wait.

Signed to the independent Blackheart imprint by legendary singer/guitarist and women’s music icon Joan Jett (“I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”) and produced by bassist Erick Sanger and her longtime studio partner Kenny Laguna (Edwin Starr and The Greg Kihn Band, among others), Both Before I’m Gone is a startlingly mature first effort with razor-sharp performances honed over the last few years of relentless touring. The intuitive interplay of bassist Jenn Alva and drummer Phanie Diaz provides a strong backdrop for the preternaturally gifted lyricism and vocal delivery of 19-year-old lead singer/guitarist Nina Diaz, shifting seamlessly from driving, new wave-ish openers (“Clumsy Sky” and “Say”) to a wispy, ethereal lamentation (“Road To Home”) to stomping, swinging Texas blues (“Celibate Now”).

Check out Girl in a Coma at the Sor Juana Festival in Chicago on June 26th. Read more about the festival here.

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