Watch the major speeches and full plenary presentations from the Facing Race 2008 Conference, Nov 13-15 in Oakland CA. The Conference was attended by over 900 participants. Watch the videos linked below and pledge your support for the Compact for Racial Justice. Check back to for more followup videos and blogs on the Facing Race Conference and the Compact for Racial Justice

Major Speeches at Facing Race 2008:

* Opening Welcome Part 1 by Rinku Sen, President of ARC

* Opening Welcome Part 2 by Rinku Sen, President of ARC

* The Compact for Racial Justice: A Call to Action by tjohnson of ARC

Full Plenary Presentations

* Post-Election Reflections — Interview Examining Race in the Presidential Campaign

* Post-Election Reflections — Full Panel Discussion

* The Compact for Racial Justice, An Agenda for Fairness and Unity — Panel Discussion

* Race and the Global Economy — Panel Discussion

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