While Obama’s sweeping victory dominated the morning-after headlines, voters across the country also made important choices November 4 on state ballot initiatives covering a range of issues, from criminal justice to gay marriage, and reproductive rights to affirmative action. When it comes to assessing the wins and losses for communities of color, it’s a mixed bag. In South Dakota, Colorado and California, voters decided soundly to protect women’s reproductive rights, while Arkansas, Florida, and California all supported varying kinds of discriminatory policies targeted at the LGBT community. Nebraska voters eliminated affirmative action programs, even though Californians voted down an initiative that would peg harsher punishments on so-called “gang-related” and drug crimes.

We’re looking at a hard fight ahead to continue to protect our communities. Here’s our roundup of the election coverage.

State Wins and Losses: Ballot Initiatives Roundup

A glance at other measures on the ballot this election that impacted communities of color.

Election Snapshots from Ohio

swessler captures the lives of people in Lancaster, Ohio, a city of about 35,000 in south eastern Ohio on election day.

My Big Gay Blog Post

Adrienne Maree Brown blogs on how it feels to be a queer woman of color in California after the passing of Prop 8.

Prop 8:The Vote for Discrimination in California
tkronzak writes that the passing of Prop 8 is not a time for finger pointing, but for a new dialogue between the racial justice movement and gay marriage coalitions.

Voter Suppression in 2008 Presidential Election

Jorge Rivas reminds us of all the voter suppression during the election despite reports of long lines

New Day for Reproductive Justice Movement
Samantha Erskine is hopeful that a pro-choice president in the White House will bring change for the reproductive justice movement.

2008 Election Turnout
News of the new electorate that appeared during this election. It’s clear that newly naturalized immigrants and citizens of color who voted for the first time had a profound impact.

Mixed Results on Affirmative Action
An initiative to ban affirmative action in Nebraska passed but Colorado voted it down, the Equal Justice Society will hold a post-election conference call to discuss these outcomes and more.

Election Day Roundup
Racewire contributors liveblogging on election day.


Rinku Sen’s thoughts on election night

Election Day 2008: Oakland reactions
Interviews with voters and Obama phonebank workers in Oakland, CA, on the morning of November 4, 2008, on the subject of race and the election.

Prop 8 passes

Jorge Rivas and tjohnson discuss the passing of Prop 8 in California.

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